5 tips to get beach body ready

Summer is almost here! Even though the summer experience will be a different one this year, we should still try to make the most of it. And you know what that means: strolling along the garden or balcony promenade in your favourite summer dress, soaking up the sunshine in your fabulous new retro swimsuit and enjoying the sultry summer nights with a good book and a delicious drink… at home. The perfect time to get beach body ready. Here are 5 great tips that will certainly do the trick. 😉

Enjoy fun in the sun 
’Being yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be.’’ Every figure is beach proof! Just wear a smile and show off your body. Have fun in the sun by playing some fun games like tennis, volleyball or Twister, by indulging in an old-fashioned pastime like building sandcastles (in your own sandpit 😉) or by dancing along to your favourite vintage tunes using this fabulous Beach Sounds Kasbah Bag from Sunny Life. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen, gorgeous!

Bring the beach to your home
How to get a beach body? Have a body and go to the beach! Mission accomplished! This year going to the beach most likely won’t be an option, but that doesn’t stop you from bringing the beach to your home! Turn your backyard (or balcony) into your own sandy beach, buy an inflatable or above ground pool or maybe even invest in a Jacuzzi. Sand, water and sun, summer has begun!

Look and feel your best in your favourite swimwear
It doesn’t matter if you prefer a bikini or a swimsuit, you will always be beach body proof in our swimwear. So, check out our swimwear collection and show those curves, girl!

Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is very important for a beach body. A day in Porto Gardenas or Costa Del Balconia simply isn’t the same without your favourite drinks. Of course, water is essential, but how about some cocktails? Check out these recipes from across the decades for some summery cocktail inspiration.

Eat ice creams
The sun, your own private ‘beach’ (with or without sand) and… an ice cream in your hand! That is the true definition of beach proof. Time for you and your beach body to make your way to the nearest supermarket to buy all those ice cream flavours that you’ve always wanted to try.


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