Behind the scenes of our photoshoot!

We are sure that you’ve noticed that on our website nearly every item comes with a picture perfect photo of a model sporting that particular item. Giving you a much better idea how that pretty dress or that fabulous jumpsuit would look when you’re actually wearing it. 😉 To get these great photos we organise an in-house photoshoot with our gorgeous models Vanessa Frankenstein, Ava Elderwood, Rachel Frances, Ella (Miss Victory Violet) and Melissa Oeges on a monthly basis.
Always wondered what goes on during a photoshoot? It’s your lucky day! This diary gives you a sneak peek behind the scenes of one of our shoots. Say cheese!

8 am
Rise and shine! Today’s shoot features the stunning models Ava, Melissa and Rachel. These vintage beauties do their own make-up and hair styling and it always turns out great (I’m secretly jealous 😉). 
TopVintage ladies Anouk and Maxime are always present during our shoots. Anouk: ‘’I arrange the models’ outfits, during the shoot I make sure that we have a perfect photo of each item and I’m responsible for making the final selection of all the beautiful photos that you see on our website.”
Maxime is responsible for the finishing touch. ‘’Does the dress look right on the model? Do the shoes match the look? I keep an eye on all of those details.’’ 🙂 Let’s get started!

8:30 am
First things first; time to have a look around our TopVintage Store. It makes our models feel like kids in a candy store and gives us the perfect opportunity to create some Instagram content (@topvintage_boutique & @topvintage_store). Including lots of Boomerangs. We love it!

9 am
Today’s photographers are our very own TopVintage ladies Bente and Alice. They make sure our models are comfortable and that everything is picture perfect 😉 Background music? Check! Lights? Check! Camera? Check! Action!

After all that hard work, it’s time for the most important part of the day… lunch! With a menu that includes luxurious salads from our salad bar, a daily special, deluxe sandwiches, homemade soup and delicious desserts, there really is something for everyone’s taste. Including vegan options for Vanessa. All food is prepared fresh on site by our own chef Frank! J After lunch dip in 3…2…1.

1 pm
Our tummies are full and that means it’s time to get back to business. First things first though, lipstick is touched up (and there is a quick check in the mirror to make sure no one has spinach in their teeth hi hi ;-)) and then shooting resumes. 😉

3 pm
Woohoo! We are right on schedule today. The models are on fleek! But there is also time to snack on the ever-present chocolate (duhh) and sweets. And of course, we also have healthy snacks on offer too…

4 pm
Our fashion shoot is done! Yay! Time to have some more fun during the second part of our shoot; now it’s all about taking pictures that can be used for our social media giveaways and campaigns. And here at TopVintage we like to go all out. The theme is party, so you can just imagine all the hysterical props, glitter backgrounds, etc that entails. Our ladies are happy to play their part and really enjoy themselves. Time to get the party started!

5:15 pm
It’s a wrap! It’s been a productive day; we have taken lots of gorgeous photos and we’re actually starting to feel hungry again. This day has gone so quick. Time flies when you’re having fun!
Then it’s back to our canteen for another treat cooked up by our chef Frank. Time to unwind while enjoying a Mexican buffet and a glass of wine. This day of shooting has come to an end. Now it’s up to Anouk to select the photos that will actually be used (a tough job with some many great photos to choose from), so the photographers can start their editing process. After all, these gorgeous photos deserve to go online as soon as possible so everyone can admire them!


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