Born from friendship: Collectif loves TopVintage collection

And by loves, we mean really loves! Everyone knows the brand and almost every vintage loving lady owns at least one item of this brand: Collectif! For years TopVintage has been privileged enough to sell (and wear ;-)) this fabulous vintage-inspired brand. This close friendship has blossomed into a fabulous collaboration and a collection that is available exclusively at Collectif and TopVintage! Yes, that’s right. The creative brains of your two favourite (web) shops have joined forces. It’s like unicorns and rainbows!

Besides the regular, obviously irresistible autumn/winter collection from Collectif, last season also witnessed the online release of the first few gorgeous items of this collaboration. I’m sure that they caught your eye or maybe some of them even ended up in your wardrobe (yup, guilty!). Let me refresh your memory. Favourites like the Hollie Velvet Dress, Alexa Swing Skirt, Caterina Swing Dress and the Bonnie Trousers have been released in new colours and irresistible prints. Are you feeling excited? Just wait until you see our spring/summer ’20 collection.

‘’Life is a retro fair, with some moments even more spectacular than others…’’
…and the launch of this spring/summer collection is that kind of mind blowing moment! The creative teams of TopVintage and Collectif have joined forces once again to make your dreams come true. That means bespoke prints, new designs and well-loved classics with a twist. And there is one more thing every collection needs: a theme! 😉 I snuck in a little hint before, but you may have missed it. No worries, I am happy to give you an impression or should I say guided tour of this dream called retro fair.

Enter the retro fair
Bright lights show you the way. Are you ready to enter? I’ve got tickets! Let’s start with a ride on the Ferris wheel. High up in the sky we’ll have a great view of the venue, so we can plan our route. What’s that? You’re afraid of heights?! Better buckle up nice and tight. Oh, I know what we’ll do! First, let’s visit that large red circus tent, followed by a ride on the merry-go-round and then we’ll get some delicious popcorn! You see, that ride on the Ferris wheel wasn’t that bad, was it? 😉

Here is the circus tent. We are greeted at the entrance by a friendly clown in a harlequin suit… and he’s handing out balloons. He has one for you as well and YES, it’s a pink one! In the corner to your left there is a juggler trying to impress the crowds. Juggling balls, rings and bottles. Look to your right, there is a lady performing acrobatics on an aerial hoop. Somersaults, a candlestick pose and… WOW… what is that?! It’s an acrobat flying through the air from one trapeze to another, like a Lemur jumping from one tree to the next. Come on, let’s go for a ride on the merry-go-round!

This never gets old! The beautifully decorated horses move up and down, while the carousel is going round. It goes round and round until we start feeling light-headed. There is only one way to fix this… are you thinking what I’m thinking? 😉 POPCORN! I can smell it from here!

Twice the launch, twice the fun!
My motto: ‘’two is always better than one!’’. It’s a great excuses that you can apply to every situation in life: food, kisses, TopVintage dresses… So just imagine how excited I am that there is not just one launch but two launches of the Collectif loves TopVintage spring/summer collection! And that means twice the fun: the anticipation before the launch, the excitement when you see all those gorgeous items for the first time and even picking your favourite… twice. Of course, you have already had a chance to admire part of this collection during the first launch. Those fabulous swing and pencil dresses, tops and skirts with amazing prints to boot… and that was just a taste of things to come for the second launch! Have you already picked a favourite? My favourite so far is the Caterina Sleeveless Pencil Dress, and my favourite from the second launch features one of the prints pictured below… whoops… sneak peek alert ;-).

A look in the future
During my tour of the retro fair, the fortune teller let me in on a secret… Collectif and TopVintage are going to continue their collaboration and their friendship. The autumn/winter ‘20 collection is already in the works *happy screaming*.

Say. No. More.
Besides the well-known favourites from Collectif, we have also introduced two brand-new designs in the Collectif loves TopVintage spring/summer collection. Do you know which ones they are? Time to get on the pink cloud that will take you straight to this collection and live your own retro fair dream!  Oh, and here is a tip: make sure you keep a close eye on the TopVintage Instagram and Facebook accounts, second launch and amazing retro fair giveaways coming your way!


Besides roaming around vintage markets and raiding the cookie jar, I love writing and working in (retro) fashion. It’s more than just my job, it’s my biggest passion. Life is pretty amazing. :-)