We like it the Seventies way! – Fashion Trends from the 1970s

There are so many things that made the 1970s special… a decade remembered for developments in space exploration, just think of the famous words ‘’Houston, we’ve had a problem here’’ that went down in history following the explosion of one of the fuel tanks aboard Apollo 13;  the early years of pop super group ABBA, the end of the horrible Vietnam war; Charlie’s Angels becoming a smash hit TV show and Sony introducing the first Walkman. But it’s the Seventies dress code that makes my heart skip a beat!

You often hear people say: ‘’What’s old is new again.” It may be a cliché, but that does not make it less true. A wild and revolutionary decade; we’re talking about the days of disco, libertine lifestyles and hardly any boundaries. This is also reflected in the typical 1970s looks.

The bigger the better
Sure thing! The fashion trends from the early 70s were wild. Lots of layers, maxi skirts and dresses, bell-bottoms (with extreme leg openings), brightly coloured Indian and floral prints all teamed with oversized sunglasses and platform shoes to complete the look. This typical worldly hippie look is totally hot again in 2019… and I dig it!

Casual-chic or casual-messy?
That’s the question! By the mid-70s the hippie look seemed to have gone out of fashion: it was replaced with a sporty casual, yet colourful look. A shirt is no longer just one of many layers, but a key item, blouses are worn open or with their ends tied at the waist, just like the now-famous tie-tops, cardigans and sweaters are staple items and younger girls often wear sneakers and crop tops. Jumpsuits are also back in fashion. The wide bell-bottoms remain popular and I totally understand why. And bell-bottoms call for… bell-sleeves!

Follow the call of the disco ball!
Yes, please! In the late 70s silhouettes became more angular. Think of tailored styles and shoulder pads. Most people now favour straight legs and more neutral colours instead of wide bell-bottoms and bright colours… unless they love the disco look as much as I do. Blouses, wide-legged trousers and jumpsuits adorned with sparkling glitter and sequins. The garments often flaunt halter-style straps to ensure carefree dancing and preventing any wardrobe malfunctions. 😉   

Houston, we have one less problem here!
Do you love the Seventies look as much as I do, but you don’t know where to start? Here are some looks, facts and tips to help you on your way!

Boho Babe
My  Boho Babe look is all about a wild, free and colourful look: be wild, flower child! Opt for a flowy dress with a floral print or for flared trousers with a loose-fit floral blouse. Winter-proof your look with an oversized coat, a pair of boots and a knitted hat. And the finishing touch… you’ve guessed it… more flowers!

Casual Cute
The name says it all… this look is about a casual and cute. A turtleneck top is a real essential. Match the top with flared trousers or a skirt and complete your look with a baker boy cap, Oxford shoes and a shoulder bag. Don’t feel like wearing combi’s? No problem: a denim jumpsuit is your best friend  

Groovy Glamorous
Countless sparkles are the easiest way of achieving a groovy and glamorous look! My motto for this look is ‘the more sparkle, the better’ and that’s why I have created a 100% disco look… ABBA, eat your heart out! You will light up the room in your sequined jacket and trousers or jumpsuit. Complete the look with a comfy block heel and shine like the star you are on the dancefloor. Go get your groove on!

Messy hair, don’t care!
No look is complete without a good hairstyle. 😉 How to seventies hair: go to bed, get your beauty sleep, get up in the morning, brush your hair, style your hair away from your face, use some volumizing powder and you’re done. Good news! Women’s hairstyles in the seventies were quite laid-back, so it didn’t take much time to style. Many women chose to rock curtain bangs. And the afro-trend was still going strong, just like in the 60s… praise the curling iron!

Make-up Mandy or Natural Netty?
For creating a heavier Seventies-style make-up look mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick are a must. Mascara was applied to the top and bottom lashes while eyeliner could also be used to line the top lid as well as the lower lash line: punks, goths and the New Wave Army come to mind. Eyeshadow would either be soft and smoky or bold and garish. Blues, greens and purples were the favourite colours. The 70s started out with a subtle touch of blusher in natural colours, but in the mid-70s blusher became more prominent, ending up in a defined stripe across each cheek.  Last but not least: lipstick in deep fruit colours. The most famous colours were plum, mulberry and cranberry.

Mascara, eyeshadow, bronzer and lip gloss were used to create a soft and natural Seventies look. Since a tanned look was popular, bronzer was used to create a subtle sun-kissed look. Those who preferred the more natural look normally didn’t use eyeliner, but they did apply a thin coat of mascara. Earthy tones were used for the desired natural and barely there eyeshadow look. Kissable lips in pastels, peaches and pinks finished off the look.

If you’ve got Seventies fever, it’s time to put your health first… and I’ve found the perfect cure: shopping your favourite seventies look!

Source of images: www.pinterest.com


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