Freddie the Flamingo is destined to be your new favourite pet

He is bright pink; very furry and wonderfully hysterical; it’s time to meet our newest goodie: Freddie the Flamingo! Did you already welcome him into your life when you received your TopVintage parcel? It doesn’t matter if you use him as keyring or to accessorise your bag; Freddie completes your life! And what’s more: you don’t need to walk Freddie and he’s always in a good mood. That’s Freddie Flamazing! And he’s happy to tell you everything you need to know about him (and more 😉).  

Hi there, I’m Freddie…
My motto is: ‘’Always look on the pink side of life’’. With my positive attitude and pink appearance, I’m a fulltime influencer #nofilterneeded. Love my job!
I also love cupcakes with a thick layer of (pink) frosting, I have a love-hate relationship with cats, I know every Freddie Mercury song (and of course I enjoy singing these songs in the shower) and I’m addicted to scrolling through my Instagram feed for hours on end. Make sure you follow me via #freddieflamingo! Also, I don’t like being alone. That’s why I want to ask you to be my new buddy. I won’t let you down ;-).

Make sure you shop your favourite items at TopVintage now so we can be together soon (and you better not wait, because once I’m gone, I’m gone for good). And while I’m busy dishing out advice… these pink retro items are fabulous. 🙂 See you soon!


As a vintage lovin' lady, I write about everything relating to retro fashion & lifestyle and mix it with a pinch of humour (because why take life so seriously?). My motto: Live life to the fullest!