How birthdays are celebrated at TopVintage

Lots and lots of confetti, delicious cake, pink presents and a new outfit of course; doesn’t that sound like the perfect birthday celebration to you? It’s definitely the stuff that TopVintage birthdays are made of! The only thing missing of the list is alcohol, but of course we won’t indulge in our favourite drinks until after hours. 😉 You might have guessed it, but our birthday celebrations are pretty hysterical. Even the men working at TopVintage HQ aren’t safe from our birthday antics.   

That means lots and lots of glitter, confetti and party decorations on your desk. LOTS being the operative word. You haven’t really celebrated your birthday at TopVintage, unless you find remnants of glitter on and around your desk for months to come. 😉

So, what does it look like then?
I know you’ll be wondering: “Glitter and confetti at the office? Is that allowed?” I know that our cleaning staff isn’t always happy about it, but it just wouldn’t be TopVintage if we kept things simple, ha ha. Feeling a little curious?

Just take a look at these pictures showing you the desks of TopVintage ladies Maxime and Laura as well as my own desk.  

Is your birthday coming up?  
That means it’s party time! Make sure you have signed up for our Love Letter before then. Because if you have, you will get a special 10% discount code. It’s a great way to spend your birthday money :-D.


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