Let’s talk brands: King Louie

This brand’s gorgeous collections always make us look our best and now it’s our turn to show our love by putting this brand in the spotlight! Of course, I’m talking about King Louie. They have always stayed true to their mission to create clothing that make people happy: vintage-inspired clothing with prints that they’ve designed themselves, with bright colours and a good fit. And we are so grateful for that 😉

Who/ what is King Louie and where did it all start?
A look back at the history of King Louie
In 1981 Ann Berlips and George Cramer started selling vintage clothing at the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was a great success and they decided to open their first store in 1983. This store was located in the Nieuwe Leliestraat in the Jordaan area, a street where many young entrepreneurs were located at the time. They named their store after 1950’s lemonade brand Exota. Back then black turtlenecks (paired with Levi’s 501 jeans) were a massive hit. They sold like hotcakes and as a result the demand was greater than the supply. That’s why in 1984 Ann and George decided to produce their own made of comfy cotton, setting up their own label King Louie in the process. The brand grew as the line of women’s clothing expanded and they even introduced a clothing line for kids, Petit Louie, in 1991.

Now, 36 years later, King Louie has become a successful international brand that’s synonymous with freedom, optimism and individuality. The Exota store (that moved to the Hartenstraat in the 9-street district in 1992) has been transformed into a King Louie Store. But there is also a King Louie store in Geneva, Switzerland and an outlet store in Batavia Stad, the Netherlands as well as an international webshop. King Louie also still has a market stall at the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam, where it all began 😉 Their ambitions for the future? By 2025 they want to be the most popular, vintage-inspired brand in Europe while also being a brand that is geared towards sustainability.

Did you know that…

  • King Louie is available in approximately 1000 boutiques and retail stores throughout 15 European countries, Japan and even Australia?
  • King Louie has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) since 2015? FWF is an independent non-profit organisation that aims to improve labour conditions in the clothing industry.  To achieve this goal, FWF focuses on a number of key issues, for example advocating free choice of employment, ending child labour, combating excessive overtime, the payment of living wages, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.  
  • King Louie’s collection partly consists of sustainable fabrics? It’s important to King Louie to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. That’s why the fabrics they use include organic cotton, Tencel, recycled polyester and Ecovero.
  • Recycled polyester is made from old PET bottles? It’s like magic!
  • King Louie has a Treasure Truck? In 2018 King Louie started a pilot with European agents: using the King Louie Treasure Truck as a tool for sales and presentation. Your favourite brand on wheels 😉
  • King Louie has some fabulous plans for the future? They are thinking about launching a Home collection and adding new designs to their bag range. And in due course they are also interested in opening stores in cities like Antwerp, Berlin and Paris. 
  • King Louie has 6 designs that can be considered evergreens? These 6 items were a hit from the start, are still much-loved today and can be found in many wardrobes:
    • The black roll neck, or turtleneck from 1984 that started it all;
    • The classic French bateau neckline design featuring the famous Breton Stripe pattern from 1987;
    • The col jacket from 1989: elements of an East-German col jacket and a Western-European Jansen & Tilanus-style jacket with striped trims have been combined and turned into a retro jacket with a modern twist;
    • The Cross Dress from 2002 that has the looks of a wrap dress but is much comfier to wear;
    • The A-line Border Skirt with the signature wide waist band from 2008;
    • Last but not least: the fine knit Cardi V Heart Ajour with an openwork heart pattern, V-neck, heart-shaped buttons and a snug fit from 2011.

It’s a match!
Every season King Louie launches a new collection with a new theme… and that is also reflected in their showroom: a new coat of paint on the walls, new lamps, new decorations, etc! Our buyers are always excited about their buyer meeting: ‘’What dream world will we step into this time around?’’

Just one look at the new collection…
…is all it takes to fall in love! Of course, it’s a wonderful feeling when someone brings you flowers, but treating yourself to flowers feels even better. And more importantly: these flowers won’t fade… because I’m talking about King Louie’s new spring/summer collection with its Fiesta de Flores theme! And this collection really is a party ;-). It’s all about a fresh and cheerful colour palette.  New designs in fuchsia pink and green and eye-catching floral prints, all inspired by Spain’s southern charm.

Every season I know there is going to be one (or 5, sssshhh… don’t tell my girlfriend ;-)) item that will instantly set my heart aflutter. And this season is no different! Just look at this 60s Rosie Slim Fit Bahama Dress in Apple Pink: a comfy fit, a midi length that makes her a perfect for every occasion, a fun floral print and a gorgeous colour combination to boot… Could. Not. Resist.
The great thing about King Louie items, and that includes this Rosie Dress, is their versatility. You can easily style them to fit whatever mood you’re in. It doesn’t matter if I’m looking for a comfy and casual look, a romantic date look or a classy office look. Pair with a sneaker: casual cute is being served! Dress her up with heels: ready is your memorable (date) outfit! Wear with elegant sandals: classy office babe it is!

Don’t wait any longer and immerse yourself in this floral collection, just like me!


Besides roaming around vintage markets and raiding the cookie jar, I love writing and working in (retro) fashion. It’s more than just my job, it’s my biggest passion. Life is pretty amazing. :-)