Let’s Talk Brands: Miss Candyfloss

Each season I am one of many who eagerly await the new collection from this brand. A brand synonymous with stunning vintage-inspired designs and high quality fabrics. Every season it presents us with a unique theme accompanied by a gorgeous look book that makes us all long for these items even more… oh yes, I am talking about Miss Candyfloss!

Where magic came to life
In 2009 Swedish sisters Adele and Noemi established the brand Miss Candyfloss, which evolved from their love and admiration for vintage fashion. Miss Candyfloss isn’t their first rodeo since they previously owned two gothic Lolita brands. Even though the Lolita influence was still apparent in their first Miss Candyfloss collection, it was clear from the start that they wanted to focus on 1940s and 1950s fashion. That but with a twist of the modern, 21st century woman… resulting in gorgeous collections that delight us every season!

Bold designs and colour combinations have established Miss Candyfloss’ reputation as a unique, much-loved and respected brand. Customers love its designs and so do our buyers who time and time again find themselves simply blown away by the brand’s uniqueness. Creating unique and high quality garments is of paramount importance to Miss Candyfloss. The clever designs are not only the result of real craftsmanship, but they are also tailored to flaunt every figure. Details like the neckties, bows and coloured prints add a distinguishing touch.

Miss Candyfloss aims to provide women with unique and wearable garments that take them back to the golden era of glamorous ladies and ravishing Pin-Up babes. Its long term goal? To become the new vintage. It incorporates a lot of care and thought into the development and production of its garments and these items definitely cannot be categorised as ‘fast fashion’. It hopes that mothers who wear Miss Candyfloss garments will hand these clothes down to their daughters and that they in turn will enjoy wearing these items for many years to come.

Adele answers 4 burning questions
Where did the name ‘’Miss Candyfloss’’ come from?
‘’The name to the brand Miss Candyfloss came from the idea that candyfloss is sweet, fluffy and indulging as all women are 😊.’’

Which style is your absolute signature style?
‘’Miss Candyfloss grew to be known as a brand when our first Odette and Vedette dresses came alive. This was the big hit dress and our signature dress. The pleating over the bust allows all kinds of women to feel attractive and amazing. This has been altered and reinvented in many of our collections. Unfortunately, it has been copied by many companies as they adopted this as their own style. We have learned to take this as a compliment rather than a threat during the many years we have had to deal with these copycats.’’

If you had to describe Miss Candyfloss in one quote, which one would it be?

‘’Oh wow this is hard… I would say… Carefully crafted beautiful dresses for amazing women of all ages.’’

Can you give us a spoiler about the autumn/winter ‘20 collection?‘’Our amazing fall collection is based on a very funny person that has a passion for clothes and that many of us like… Oops, now I said too much 😊.’’

Did you know that…
– Miss Candyfloss only releases limited edition collections? The brand strives to create classic feminine garments that are not mass produced. So when an item is gone, it’s gone. Their treasures can be regarded as collector’s items of sorts. .. Tip: if you’ve found your dream item, don’t wait too long before ordering. Your size might be sold out before you know it, turning your vintage dream into an out of stock nightmare.
– Miss Candyfloss items combine a timeless look with long lifetime wearability? Meeting the demands of our current lifestyle with modern fabric characteristics such as a soft hand, wrinkle resistance, launderability, durability and wicking… and a timeless vintage look to boot. It’s a match made in heaven! 😉
– Miss Candyfloss was one of the first brands to release influencer collections? In recent years it has released collections in collaboration with the likes of Idda van Munster, Ava Elderwood, Victory Violet and Acid Doll.
– Miss Candyfloss and TopVintage have a very close friendship? Not only have we been selling Miss Candyfloss’ fabulous pieces for years, we have also been fortunate enough to collaborate on exclusives. These exclusives are gorgeous, existing Miss Candyfloss designs reworked in TopVintage colours. Which beautiful new things will the future hold? 😉
– all Miss Candyfloss garments are manufactured in Europe and Transylvania? Vintage dreams are made here with honest care and concern and under fair working conditions.
– Miss Candyfloss is available across the globe? Besides running its own webshop, Miss Candyfloss also supplies a worldwide network of retail boutiques and wholesale channels. Spread the brand…uhm… love!

Every season is a party
Miss Candyfloss is the kind of brand that surprises us with a wonderful new theme to satisfy our vintage cravings (inasmuch as possible, of course ;-)) every season. In the past year we were able to enjoy collections themed ’Fairytales’ and ’Dear Marilyn’. This season we get to immerse ourselves in the ’Pour Toi’ collection, inspired by the movie The Stepford Wives featuring gorgeous ladies like Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler and Glenn Close. Even though Miss Candyfloss doesn’t identify with the storyline and its portrayal of submissive women – the brand itself actually being focused on strength and independence – but it absolutely adored the clothes worn in this movie… and I TO-TAL-LY get it! This collection includes cute floral prints, wide swing style designs, fitted wiggle dresses, blouses and capri pants that will set your heart aflutter.

From You, For You!
Self-care is a top priority. That’s why the ’Pour Toi’, or ’For You’ collection is all about treating yourself. And… that’s what I did (woops) (sorry, not sorry ;-)). My favourite item? Definitely this 50s Mare Floral Jumpsuit in Minty. I absolutely adore prints and jumpsuits, so this beauty is simply perfect for me. A joy to wear and super flattering thanks to the long wide legs. This mesmerising beauty doesn’t need much else for a standout look. During the day I like wearing her with sneakers or cowboy boots and at night she can easily be transformed into a classy party outfit by teaming her with a pair of pumps. I complete my look with a pair of earrings and some lipstick and I’m ready to leave the house looking and feeling like my best self! 

Join me in swooning over the spring/summer ’20 collection by Miss Candyfloss and treat yourself to one (or several ;-)) of the ‘Pour Toi’ stunners!


Besides roaming around vintage markets and raiding the cookie jar, I love writing and working in (retro) fashion. It’s more than just my job, it’s my biggest passion. Life is pretty amazing. :-)


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