Let’s Talk Brands: Smashed Lemon

This brand will fill even the cloudiest day with sunshine! It provides us with lots of colour, prints and fun designs all year round. And today it’s my turn to put the spotlight on… Smashed Lemon!

The beginning of a colourful future
After selling a variety of wares at markets, festivals and in their own stores, entrepreneur Nachman Stern and his business partner Tovmas Sharoyan established the Amsterdam-based brand Smashed Lemon in 2007. They added the word ‘Smashed’ to their already existing store name ‘Lemon’ to create a funny, optimistic and quirky brand name… characteristics that are also reflected in the brand’s collections! Each new season it manages to delight us with clothes featuring fun, colourful and standout prints.

Blessing in disguise
2011 marked the brand’s first attendance at a fashion fair with a collection of around 100 dresses… and it paid off! A large German department store fell head over heels in love with the designs by Smashed Lemon, a feeling that you and I can easily relate to ;-). The store in question placed a large order and wanted the entire order to be delivered sooner rather than later. But the two men weren’t really prepared for this and resorted to adding a number of alternative designs in order to match the total amount of items ordered. Despite the client’s initial indignation, it turned out to be quite the move. It was almost Easter, the sun was shining and the customers of the German department store just couldn’t get enough of the fun beauties on offer from Smashed Lemon. It was the beginning of a colourful future for Smashed Lemon.

Over the years Smashed Lemon has developed into the successful brand that it is today. After a while, a desire arose to sell more than just dresses. The goal was to develop collections and becoming a fully-fledged fashion brand in the process; a brand with its own identity designing its own prints. These are also the things that Smashed Lemon still fully focuses on today: brand, identity and name recognition.  

Smashed Lemon answers 3 burning questions:
What do you do to make your gorgeous prints come to life and what inspires you?
‘’By now Smashed Lemon is known for its colourful prints. Many of these prints are designed by our very own design team. We use a large variety of prints: from abstract, retro and florals to minimalistic. And of course we always feature the typical Smashed Lemon prints with lots of colour, bold, funny, quirky and unique, especially animal and fruit prints are always a big hit. Since our prints are so diverse, it’s easy for us to find inspiration no matter where we are, where we go or what we do.’’

Tell us more about your team?
‘’We are a small, tightknit team based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are a very diverse, multicultural team from different backgrounds. A fun, hardworking group with a positive attitude. We travel a lot, mainly to our manufacturing countries. This has allowed us to forge close relationships with the people who work for us and are involved in the manufacturing process over there.’’

If you could describe Smashed Lemon using just one quote, what would it be?
‘’Live the colourful life and wear it with a smile!’’

Did you know that?
– Good working conditions are important to Smashed Lemon? The main part of their collection is manufactured by BSCI members. BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is an initiative by companies to promote the protection of social standards throughout their worldwide supply chain. BSCI has developed a common code of conduct and implementation plan that applies across every industry in every manufacturing country. Smashed Lemon also collaborates with many small family businesses that they visit on a regular basis, forging close working relationships along the way.
– Smashed Lemon is focused on sustainability? We love that! The brand has recently incorporated organic cotton into their collection. It’s hoping to do the same with PET and EcoVero soon.
– Smashed Lemon is available in a total of around 1500 boutiques, department stores and webshops throughout 22 countries worldwide? 
– (spoiler alert!) Colours like emerald green, mustard, yellow, cognac, pink and shades of blue and items with a Western or British touch will feature heavily in the autumn/winter ’20 collection? Oops… now you do ;-).

They ‘’smashed’’ it, again!
A new season, a new collection and once again I’m totally in love! How about you? At first, TopVintage mainly carried Smashed Lemon dresses, but nowadays the selection is quite a varied one. Do you want to flaunt your curves? Opt for one of the colourful pencil dresses! Do you prefer a comfy and flowy dress? A swing dress or A-line style is your perfect match ;-). Fancy a casual outfit mixed with everyday comfort? Just look at those T-shirts and jumpsuits! Prints really are Smashed Lemon’s standout feature. Just one glance at the collection will tell you exactly which brand you are looking at. The items have ‘’SMASHED LEMON’’ written all over them. Love cans, polkadots, a variety of flowers and gorgeous parrots are just a few of the wonderful prints its spring/summer ’20 collection has to offer.

My all-time favourite is the 60s Julia Spots Jumpsuit in Multi. Styled with a wrap over and pleats, she is super flattering and looks lovely on all figures. The stretchy fabric ensures a comfy fit and thanks to the mesmerising, multi-coloured print she goes with almost everything. So many colours are incorporated in the print! The tie straps accentuate your waist just perfectly for that super feminine silhouette. What more could you wish for?!

When life gives you Lemons…
… Smash ‘em! Wherever you go, no matter the weather, you will always bring your own sunshine with these colourful items ;-). Which one is your favourite? Don’t wait any longer and just dive into the colour explosion of the spring/summer ’20 collection!


Besides roaming around vintage markets and raiding the cookie jar, I love writing and working in (retro) fashion. It’s more than just my job, it’s my biggest passion. Life is pretty amazing. :-)