Organise a festival in your own garden!

Even though restrictions are slowly scaled back in most places, this summer will be a different one than we have become accustomed to. Of course, staying healthy and safe is and should remain the number one priority, but it’s totally okay for you to feel gutted that the festivals you had planned to attend are cancelled or postponed. But I have come up with the perfect solution! Continue reading if you would like to find out how you can transform your summer time into party time.

  • Start by inviting your loyal festival buddies. Maintaining that safe 1.5 meters distance is still crucial even in your garden, so only inviting a select few is the best way to go.  
  • Now… how can you transform your garden into a real festival venue? Here are some ideas; build a real stage, use a hammock to create a quiet place in the shade for people to relax, put down picnic blankets on the grass and decorate your garden with colourful party lights.
  • Of course, no festival is complete without a real festival outfit. Treat yourself to a new outfit and you’re ready to party! Fun people? Check! Decorations? Check! Festival outfit? Check!
  • Like any good festival, the real success of your garden festival depends on the line up. Select the best live tracks by your favourite bands and use your speaker to play them out loud. Festival summer vibes guaranteed!
  • Another element that is sure to make your party a hit, is a fruity cocktail bar. The biggest advantage of this private bar: there won’t be any long queues! Plus you can go for a refill as often as you like and your drink will be served exactly the way you like it. Here is to extra strawberries and mint in your refreshing strawberry mojito, yummy!
  • The next item on the festival check list is portable loos… Uh toilets. The best thing abouth aving a festival in your own garden is that you won’t have to miss out on your favourite song while queuing up to go the toilet. Even if there is a queue, you won’t have to stand in line as long as you would at a regular festival. 😉
  • Feeling a little hungry? Time to light the BBQ because BBQ dishes and fruity cocktails make an unbeatable flavour combination. Once you’ve finished your festival meal, it’s time to hit the dance floor (or… the lawn) again.  
  • Time flies when you’re having fun and that’s your first festival day done and gone. Time to snuggle into your sleeping bag, because there is nothing like sleeping in a tent to evoke that ultimate festival feeling. All you have to do is pitch your tent in the garden! But be sure to check the weather forecast, if it doesn’t look great you can always opt for a bit of glamping by pitching the tent in your living room. This way there won’t be any need for you to make your way through the mud to get to the shower. And once again: no queues! Once you’re out of the shower, you’re ready for another day at your own private festival. Rise and shine, gorgeous! That festival in your own garden sure sounds like the perfect summer!


Red lipstick and eyeliner are my eternal loves, but I also love travelling, shopping, cacti, eating sushi and doing spontaneous things. Less bitter, more glitter!