Organise your own retro fair party

The smell of popcorn, the bright lights of the Ferris wheel and the screams coming from the people taking a ride on the rollercoaster; you gotta love the retro fair! Maybe it’s your birthday soon or you just fancy throwing a party but you’re still looking for an awesome party theme? How about your own magical retro fair?
In this blog I share some tips that will make your party a memorable one. Let’s get the party started! 

Ready to enter the retro fair?
Tickets at the ready! The retro fair party fun starts with the perfect invitation. Wouldn’t it be cool if the invitation is totally in keeping with the retro fair theme and is sent by post? You can design your own using the Canva tool (perfect for people like me who don’t know their way around Photoshop ;-)).

The decoration
It’s doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a party at home or renting a special venue for the occasion; your retro fair simply isn’t complete without the right kind of decoration. Don’t know what decorations to use? No worries! Here is a list with some great ideas that will help you get started:

  • Welcome your guests with a fun message written on a retro style blackboard;
  • Decorate the venue with lots of helium balloons in red, white and pastel hues;
  • Rent a popcorn or cotton candy machine in retro look;
  • Decorate the venue with bunting and party lights in a variety of colours;
  • Print these banners and use them to decorate the tables;
  • Put popcorn bowls on every table;
  • Create your own photo boot style setting with a funfair or circus backdrop and matching retro props. Check out this website for some fun ideas;
  • Get a retro fair vibe going with the right kind of music, like the songs on this Spotify playlist.

Let the games begin!
Create that ultimate funfair feeling with fun games and activities that your guests can participate in. Hire a fortune teller (or gaze into a crystal ball and offer some predictions yourself ;-)) or a clown that makes fancy balloon animals. Most people also love a game of retro bingo and even more so if they can win some fun little prizes. Or have your guests try their hand at an old-fashioned game of tin throwing or ring toss. Woohoo, prizes for everyone!

Fair is where you get cotton candy
No fair is complete without popcorn and cotton candy! Oh yes, your party is going to be sweeter than sweet! Serve these treats for an authentic retro fair vibe:

  • Fresh popcorn made with butter, caramel or sugar (use a popcorn machine);
  • Assorted coloured lollipops (they also look great served in a cocktail);
  • Homemade cotton candy;
  • Retro cola bottles with red-and-white straws;
  • Homemade lemonade;
  • Taffy apples;
  • Gin Fizz (you can find the recipe here);
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries;
  • Homemade fruit punch with a splash of white wine;
  • Fries in mini cones & mini hamburgers (for the savoury snackers ;-)).

Your retro fair outfit
And now for the most important question; what are you going to wear? Being the hostess, you also need to look the part and that means donning a fa-bu-lous outfit! And for that you need to look no further than this new Collectif Loves TopVintage collection. The sweet pastel hues and prints of this collection are inspired by the retro fair and therefore simply perfect for your party. Which dress will you wear?


As a vintage lovin' lady, I write about everything relating to retro fashion & lifestyle and mix it with a pinch of humour (because why take life so seriously?). My motto: Live life to the fullest!