Our favourite date night looks

Are you looking forward to a date night with your lover, best friend or that cute neighbour? Ooh la la, that sounds lovely! But of course, you’ll be asking yourself that inevitable question: ‘’What shall I wear?’’ A fun swing dress, a sassy red pencil dress or a sophisticated jumpsuit… but really it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you feel happy and confident! Need some inspiration? These four TopVintage ladies are here to help! Showing you their favourite date look and sharing their love for a certain decade, style or print. Which of these outfits will set your retro heart on fire?

TopVintage lady Sanne
Fun and flirty go hand in hand, just like my girlfriend and me. And I simply adore the typical seventies style and floral prints. A comfy fit is also important, because there is no way I’m skipping the chocolate dessert at the end of our romantic meal 😉. My perfect date look is a mix of these 5 elements: just like this flowy, floral maxi beauty by Collectif. I’ve completed my look with some lacquered accessories for a classy twist!

Shop this favourite look from Sanne here. 💋

TopVintage lady Auke
Polkadots are always a good idea! What I love about this green skirt by King Louie is that she’s fun and breezy to wear but still looks so classy. I love teaming this beauty with a black top and a pair of high heels for a perfectly matched date look! 1940s fashion definitely sets my vintage heart aflutter; I mean don’t we all love a touch of forties flair? 😉
Shop this favourite look from Auke here. 💋

Topvintage lady Bente
I love the 70s print, the fit and the colours: orange, rust and earthy tones are definitely my favourites! With my green eyes and ginger hair, we’re a match made in 70s heaven. My date look is very similar to my everyday look because I simply love having a signature style, being true to yourself and going on spontaneous dates. A pretty 70s dress that looks great with boots during the day can easily be dressed up for a night out by switching into a pair of elegant high heels.  

Shop this favourite look from Bente here. 💋

TopVintage lady Jana
Say it with flowers! Big colourful prints are my all-time favourites and that’s why I love wearing them when I go out: instant happiness! This swing dress is my perfect outfit choice for date night. It makes me feel 100% confident!

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