We get close and personal with…Rachel Frances

Luscious blonde locks, fabulous retro looks and that charming British accent; of course, I’m talking about none other than pin-up lady Rachel Frances. Do you already follow her on Instagram? It’s time for an interview with this beauty.

Name three things you can’t live without.
”Well I love food so that is definitely one, I also could not live without my music. Then best for last, my family and friends.”

What was your very first vintage purchase? Show us!
”This blue 1960’s dress was one of my first true vintage dresses I purchased (picture was taken in 2013!)”

Do you have bad habits? Share them with us. 
”As mentioned I adore my food, I love fast food (too much probably opps!) and I also have a super sweet tooth. So i’m always munching on chocolate and sweets 🤩.”

What is the most awkward thing you’ve ever done?

”So once I was actually laughing so hard that I fell on the floor and rolled around laughing, it was in public.” 🙈

If you could do one thing for the rest of your life. What would it be?
”Live in Disney World at Magic Kingdom in Cinderella’s Castle. It’s where I recently got engaged and I just would love to relive that moment over and over again.”❤️

What is your most turnoffs and turn-ons?
”I really hate rude people, manners cost nothing! A massive turn on for me is if you can make me laugh.” 

Which things are on your bucket list?

”I would love to visit all of the Disneyland’s which I haven’t visited yet which are Disneyland California, Tokyo Disneyland, HongKong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney. 
I would also love to be able to see all my favourite bands live too, I’m ticking them off slowly!”

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As a vintage lovin' lady, I write about everything relating to retro fashion & lifestyle and mix it with a pinch of humour (because why take life so seriously?). My motto: Live life to the fullest!